The story behind our new logo | SDG Clothing
May 13, 2020

The story behind our new logo

We'll be the first to admit it, our old logo was clean...but boring. When we discussed revamping our site, one of the very first topics was also changing our logo.

We hired our designer (who designed the beautiful 5 Solas & Doctrines of Grace designs!) to see what she could do with a new logo. A bunch of new ideas were thrown in, but the key was that it had to reflect our goal: to create designs that spark conversations about Jesus. At the center of this was the Reformation, and we make no secret that we are proudly Reformed and this runs through all of our products.

After a few discussions, we landed on the idea of Post Tenebras Lux, out of the darkness comes light. We reflected on the Word of God and its truth shining the light out of the Reformation, and how it changed the world and how we understand Christianity today. From there, we decided that this was the same theme that we wanted to convey for SDG Clothing. 

Hence, the logo speaks for itself: at the center of everything is the Word of God, with its light piercing through the darkness. One thought that was first asked was "what has that got to do with clothing?" And that's a fair point. But we thought that more importantly, it captured the "SDG" really well, Soli deo Gloria, all glory to God alone. That was the main purpose of our store, and we thought back on all the times that God's truths were illuminated and revealed to us in His Word. Yes, it might sound a bit geeky and cliche, but we really do believe that this had to be the focal point of our mission.

And so, hence this new logo was born. We are proud of it as it ushers in our new store, and we're excited to see what we have planned for the future. As we write this, COVID-19 has cast some of our plans into disarray. One thing I recently learnt was that many of us have used the phrase "these are uncertain times". But not for us. The future may be unknown, but we are absolutely certain of what is to come. For we serve a certain, omniscient and holy God, who has predestined everything before the foundations of the world, and out of everything that has happened and will happen in the future, it pales in comparison to the greatest act of love ever seen: the sending and the death of Jesus Christ for sinners like you and me.

Soli deo Gloria and God bless,
SDG Clothing Team