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3 Reasons Why We Love Luther's Take on Psalm 130

If I asked you to name a Martin Luther hymn, I’m relatively confident most would point to “A Mighty Fortress is our God”, and for good reason (where my James White listeners at)! But there are some other great hymns that he’s written! Today we want to highlight “From Depths of Woe” and 3 reasons why we like it:

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Should we attend church during holidays?

I had a conversation with an old acquaintance in the previous week and we were discussing availability of schedules. He suggested Sunday morning, to which I was a bit confused and asked him “don’t you have church?” He replied that his church had replaced their Sunday service with a Saturday evening service, and that they therefore had the Sunday off to celebrate the 4 July festivities. 

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How the Puritans helped my prayer life 🙏

Every Christian knows that prayer is an important & significant spiritual discipline. Yet I personally struggle with maintaining this as a regular habit, and find myself either prayer inadequately, or not at all. It just seems to be so difficult!

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