December 11, 2023

Christmas Shipping Deadline - 2023

Hi all, just wanted to give a quick update on Christmas shipping guidelines! Keep in mind first that these are guidelines and not intended to be delivery promises, given the hectic nature with Christmas shipping and shopping.

Orders placed after tomorrow (11 Dec 2023) have the best chance of arriving by Christmas regardless of shipping method. So if you were still on the fence, time to act now!

Orders placed between 12 - 13 Dec 2023 might potentially arrive by Christmas, but we would recommend upgrading to Express Ground Shipping for a better chance.

Orders placed between 14 - 17 Dec 2023 will be tough to reach by Christmas, and we've enabled a new shipping method called Express Overnight Shipping. Keep in mind that this is a very pricey option however.

Please note that if your order is over $80, you automatically qualify for free normal shipping. But if you want to upgrade to the Express Shipping options, you can now. 

From 15 Dec 2023 onwards, we will introduce a "Blame The Delay On Us" sale, where all items will be 10% off until the end of the year. As the name suggests, if it's okay for the gifts to be a little delayed, then you can blame the delays on us and take 10% off your order too :)

Happy shopping!