October 25, 2021

Reformation Month Devotionals: Thoughts from Richard Baxter

Our previous devotional featured 2 prayers from Martin Luther, today we continue our devotionals with English Puritan pastor Richard Baxter. He is best known for his work The Reformed Pastor and endured a life of persecution, including being sentenced to prison for no apparent reason. While Baxter did hold to some questionable views on the atonement, we still believe that his works remain influential & significant. We've highlighted 2 prayers from Baxter below, and hope these will help you re-orient yourself towards Christ this week :)

"We praise & glorify you our Lord and owner; for we and all things are your own. We praise and glorify you our king and ruler, for we are your subjects, and our perfect obedience is your due. Just are all your laws and judgment; true and sure is all your Word. We praise and glorify you, our great benefactor; in you we live, and move, and are; all that we are, or have, or can do, is wholly from you, the cause of all; and all is for you, for you are our end. Delightfully to love you is our greatest duty, and our only felicity, for you are love itself, and infinitely amiable." based on Isaiah 33: 2 - 6.

"Hold the eye of my soul upon my Savior; upon my humbled, crucified Savior; upon my ascended, glorified, interceding Savior! And let me never cease gazing on this glass of love, and hearing this heavenly messenger of your love, till your blessed cooperating Spirit of love has turned my heart into love itself, even into that love which is the living image of your love." based on 1 Corinthians 13: 1 - 13.

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