Do you ship worldwide?

Yup! Our standard shipping fee for the U.S. is $4.99 and overseas shipping is $14.99 (USD). However, if your total order is $60, then shipping's on us, whether you're based in the U.S. or overseas! 

All our shipping is also fully insured, so in the event that something goes wrong during the shipping process, you have nothing to worry about.

Where are your items shipped from, and how long do they take?

All of our orders are custom-printed, made and shipped from the U.S.A, meaning our customers will never have old stock sitting in the warehouse! Shipping time therefore is dependent on the types and quantity of items ordered, but usually they should take around 5 - 10 working days. Please note that holidays, busy seasons or postal delays outside of our control will increase this timeframe.

Oh no, an angry KJVO advocate must have broken my order before I could open it! What do I do?

Sometimes products can get damaged in transit, or there might have been a printing defect. If these happen, send us a photo of the damage and we will get a replacement reprinted and sent out asap.

I've gotten the wrong size, can I return my order?

As all of our orders are custom-made, we are unable to process returns for orders where you ordered the wrong size or color. Please place your orders carefully and ensure you are referring to the size chart. 

What if things just don't work out, can I get my money back?

We have a great "no returns, only refunds" policy, meaning that if there's any issue with our products at all, customers don't have to resend their items back. Our default stance is to send replacements, but depending on the issue, we are more than happy to issue refunds as well. Our detailed refund policy can be found here.

My order never arrived, perhaps it was stolen just like how atheists steal from the Christian worldview. What's next?

We recommend brushing up on some good apologetics to dismantle these objections. We also promise that if your order is lost in transit, we will also get a replacement reprinted and sent out asap.

There is a weird smell from my product, quite unlike the smell and taste of Arminian tears. What to do?

Not to worry, it isn't hazardous or dangerous! It's just an unfortunate after-effect of the factory process used to print our awesome designs on the apparel! Just wash them once and say bye bye to the smell :) 

My product looks different from the product images, why is that?

If your product has certain defects such as wrong design, wrong image or wrong size from what was purchased, you are entitled to our returns policy. However, please be advised that minor differences in size, coloration and position that may be due to circumstances outside of our control (e.g. angles of product position and individual user color settings), these reasons may not be eligible. 

I still need help!

Shoot us an e-mail at info@sdgclothing.com and we will do our best to help!