October 09, 2021

Reformation Month Devotionals - Luther

As Reformation Day draws closer, for our weekly devotionals we will be keeping the spotlight on Martin Luther. Luther of course needs no introduction, he's the driving force of the Protestant Reformation and strongly pushed the doctrine of justification by faith alone. He was of course also well known for his 95 Theses and his refusal to recant his teachings which were at odds with the Catholic Church. While we may not necessarily agree with everything he wrote and said, we owe in no small part, a lot to him. 

Today we're highlighting 2 prayers from Martin Luther, we hope it helps you to reflect and prepare for the Lords Day :)


"O my God, my Lord, and Father. Show unto my poor soul, that it may perceive that you are my rock, bulwark, shield, tower, treasure, defense, trust, help, refuge protection, and goodness.

That I in this my great need and tribulation against my adversaries, and be preserved forever. Lord, upon you I do trust, let me never be ashamed." based on Exodus 7:1-11


"Almighty, eternal God! What a strange thing is this world! How does it open wide the mouths of the people! How small and poor is the confidence of men towards God! How is the flesh so tender and weak, and the Devil so mighty and so busy through his apostles and the wise of this world!

How soon do they withdraw the hand, and whirl away and run the common path and the broad way to hell, where the godless belong. They look only upon that which is splendid and powerful, great and mighty, and which has consideration. If I turn my eyes towards there also, it is all over with me; the bell is cast and the judgment is pronounced.

Ah God! O you my God! You my God, stand by me against the reason and wisdom of all the world. Do so! You must do it. You alone. Behold, it is not my cause but yours." based on Galatians 1: 6 - 10.