Abortion is Child Sacrifice
June 03, 2022

Abortion is Child Sacrifice

It is no hyperbole to say that the potential SCOTUS ruling to overturn Roe v Wade will be 1 of the most important judicial decisions to be released. While they will no doubt affect the society & culture at large, we cannot forget the biggest impact this decision will have: to the lives of the unborn. Our latest design is simple: Abortion is Child Sacrifice. We expect that this will bring some lively debate to friends, family & bystanders. I want to take this time to share why I'm releasing this design and share in my opinion, the different layers this statement has, and provide some talking points as to why we as believers are praying for the end of abortion as we know it.

Abortion sacrifices God's image-bearers

Pro-choice advocates will twist and change words and language to object to the claim that abortion is murder. They claim that abortion only affects a "thing", a "clump of cells", something that has no inherent value or life of its own, even a "parasite" I've seen. These terms are all excuses to hide the fact that they know that abortion kills a child, baby, infant, life. (see President Joe Biden's recent comments on the SCOTUS decision when he explicitly said "abort a child"). We see a lot of uproar whenever we see lives taken indiscriminately, and rightfully so. So why don't we see that same anger towards the obvious killing of our children?

Abortion sacrifices common sense, logic & science

One of the reasons why we are strongly pro-life is because of our Christian convictions, fueled by the Word and the sanctity of life. However, I believe that anyone with a pair of eyes, religious or not, knows that the child in the womb cannot be just a "clump of cells". Just look up the various ultrasounds and high resolution images of the journey from conception to life. It's so obvious! We also see that a lot of the arguments for abortion start to lose ground, especially when they twist the same arguments with mandatory vaccinations in light of COVID-19. A lot of mental gymnastics is required to try and argue for abortion. 

Abortion is a sacrifice for self

One of the biggest arguments pro-choice advocates use is that womens' rights are being oppressed, that their freedoms have been taken away and that preventing abortion would not be compassionate and loving. Do not be fooled by these arguments. This is selfishness to the extreme wrapped up in talks about "justice", they are willing to do whatever their heart desires and take it to the ends, even if it includes the murder of the babies in the womb. Abortion is also framed as an "easy" option, as they frame motherhood and raising a child as an "inconvenience" that would ruin their lives. What a sad and horrible thing to say about another human life. 

Abortion is a sacrifice for power & favor

The popular game Wordle, which was bought by the New York Times, was in the headlines when they removed the word "fetus" from the options to choose in the game. Fetus is a scientific word with a definition, so why would NYT remove it? The answer is simple, they're trying to show their audience that they too, they are pro-choice and are deserving of your money and time. We see so many politicians, organizations and leaders do the same, and if you really think about it, they are shouting out their love for murdering children in the womb to tie it to their corporate identity and marketing. It's disgusting and we need to call out for what it is. 

Abortion is a sacrifice for a false god

We often ascribe abortion as "sacrifices to Moloch", a false god and deity described in Leviticus where its followers practice child sacrifice. While the sentiment holds true, for me personally I think there is another way to hold more responsibility. They are sacrificing children for themselves, on the altar of convenience. Their false god might be promiscuity, laziness, nihilism and/or any other poor claim (I've heard someone say abortion is good for the environment...), but ultimately it stems from their sinful hearts and our abandonment of the truth made clear by natural revelation. 

Sorry for admittedly a rant, but I do want to make sure that my intentions are clear, and there's so much more that's in my mind but so hard to put into words and say! You can view the products here, but if you do have any questions about this, please let me know and I'd love to chat about it! 

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