September 28, 2022

Our Biggest Update So Far

At SDG Clothing, we want to keep improving to deliver the best quality products & customer service, and want to thank everyone for giving their support & feedback. We've been quiet for a few months but have been hard at work implementing some big changes. These changes are now LIVE and we're outlining what they mean for you below:

Upgrading our Tees to the Next Level

When we started we used the Gildan tees, and we still think they are a good affordable option. While some like them, others are of differing views, but it's safe to say that we can all agree that there are better options. So we've switched from Gildan to Next Level, which not only ensures a more vibrant color print, but it is also a lot more comfortable.

Front...or Back Prints

This has been a very popular request, but we finally have the ability to add back prints to our apparel. So you can now choose whether to have the designs on the front or back! This has meant that our store can only display a limited amount of color options, but if you're keen to look for other colors, just send us a message and we will try see what we can do!

Some have also asked why we don't have a back print design option with our logo at the front. The simple reason is that this adds additional cost and we're not sure if we want to pass this on to our customers. While not displaying our logo isn't a great move from a marketing perspective, at the end of the day we want our designs to speak for themselves, and hopefully the happy buyers can tell others through word of mouth as to where to find them :)

Womens Tank Tops Return

When we first introduced the tank tops, we offered a mens & womens variants, before combining them into a single unisex variant. We've now switched back and are offering both versions as we've heard feedback that the womens versions were preferred for athletic use.

Digisoft Printing

Our apparel printers have recently switched to Digisoft, a new method of printing that promises more vibrant colors and a longer lasting print. You can check our more information on Digisoft here, but from what we've seen so far we're confident that you will be very pleased with your new products.

There's still a few more changes planned in the pipeline, and we can't wait to share them with you. Do keep a look out as we provide more updates!